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    Hello everyone,

    For those who do not know, I make about 50,000 Robux a day. And today, I will be telling all of you how that is done. What I use is a front paging bot to make Clothing and Games popular.

    The way this works is use a bunch of accounts to favorite the clothing and games. Once they're made favorite, they will be bumped to the Front Page. Once games or clothing are bumped to front page, you can easily make TONS of robux from game passes or clothing sales.

    We dont just want to share this system with everybody, we only want real and genuine people to have the luxuary of earning thousands and millions of robux. To download the sofware just comment here on my thread please dont message me or i will not respond. And i will contact you with the download link (No surveys or any of that crap)

    Here are the instructions after you recieve the download link.

    1) Press on the download link
    2) Scroll down and press "Download this File"
    3) Enter the characters given to verify that you're not a bot
    4) Download should begin

    [IMPORTANT] How to use:
    1) After you have downloaded the bot, Join any game in your profile. If you're doing clothing join any game on your profile, if games, join the game you want to make popular.

    2) Open the bot, or have it opened before joining the game.
    3) The bot should access Roblox and connect to the game,
    4) Type in the ID of the game or clothing
    5) Type in the favorites/visits you want to get.
    6) Press "Gather Info" and the picture of the game or clothing should appear.
    7) Press start and the favorites/visits will start being generated.

    PLEASE KNOW THAT IT WILL CRASH. It is still working in the background!

    (Wait up to 3 hours for everything to be completed)

    You can leave a comment on the post and i will send over the link, don't forget to say thank you on the post after you receive it.

    Thank you,
    and I request that you do not leak this or give it to other random people.
    I want this to last as long as possible and not be leaked.

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  2. Robux Generator

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    I will also pick one comment to win this full kit :)

  3. 11.png hello admin i want robux and thank you so much :)
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    Send me Robux My name on ROBLOX is KosovaPlaysT :)
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    Send me Robux My name on ROBLOX is XNightmare4LifeX:)
  6. KosovaPlaysT

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    Send me Robux My name on ROBLOX is KosovaPlaysT :)

  7. KeeHerbo2002

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    May I Get The Soft-Ware Please.
  8. KeeHerbo2002

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    Hello I didn't Get The program
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    Send me Robux My name on ROBLOX is Thumbkid:)

    RUNFORRESTRUN101 New Member

    I want robux :D my username is KevinDurantisbest
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    Hi can i join in?
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