Phantom Forces [New gun skins!]

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    [Update 1.1.0] First small content update to introduce two new sets of army themed gun skins. There are actually duplicates of the two sets, one case in tier II and one in tier IV. The skins in tier II cannot be altered and are fixed textures while every skin in the tier IV case can be customizable. - Re-adjusted credits vs robux pricing for cases/keys to be more consistent and easy to follow based on tier [New update video 13] Part 1 covering menu UI updates Find out more about detailed changes in our PF Wikia change log page! KNOWN MAJOR BUGS: Purchasing some case/key sometimes gives you space keys/case instead while taking your credits?? Still trying to figure this bug out. Want to post comments or suggestions? Find our PF subreddit page! Follow us on twitter!

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